Half Original Sliced – Half Chilli Bites


Half Original Sliced – Half Chilli Bites

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Original Sliced and Chilli Bites


We created the Variety Biltong Packs so that our customers could have more choice and options with all the biltong products we offer. This is the best way to enjoy the different tastes and textures of biltong.


This variety pack comes with the following biltong products:

250g ORIGINAL Sliced

250g CHILLI Bites


Original Sliced

Sliced Original Biltong is simply made by thinly slicing whole sticks (pieces) of ready air dried biltong.  Due to the fact our biltong is so lean it takes a huge 260g of our freshly marinated topside beef to make 100g of our Original Sliced Biltong.  We also boast a huge 52g of protein per 100g portion!


Our Original Sliced Biltong is totally lean with no fat and will have a Medium to Medium Well consistency.


Chilli Bites

Our best seller! Chilli Biltong Bites are made using carefully selected pieces of lean topside beef joints of the highest quality.  It takes a huge 280g of our freshly marinated topside beef to make 100g of our Chilli Biltong Bites.  We also boast a massive 58g of protein per 100g portion!  The beef joints are carefully hand cut into thin strips.  The meat is then marinated using a selection of herbs and spices that we carefully roast and ground on our premises. The pieces are then left to marinade in order to absorb all the spices. The beef strips are then slowly air dried to perfection.


Our Chilli Biltong Bites are totally lean and will have a Well Done consistency, as all the moisture is removed during the drying process.  It is quite a tough chew.  Just the way it’s supposed to be!


  • Ready-to-eat delicious beef snacks
  • Both flavours are available in a variety of weights
  • Carefully selected joints of topside beef of the highest quality are used for our Original Sliced and Chilli Bites
  • Marinated using natural herbs and spices
  • Leaner than most on the market
  • High in Protein
  • UK sourced topside beef
  • Grass fed cows
  • The beef used has passed the highest standards
  • Fully traceable meat
  • Slowly air dried to perfection


We also offer a variety of different options in our Variety Packs.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Information for Original Sliced:

Nutrition per 100g Serving
Energy kJ/Kcal 998/235
Fat 1.7g
of which saturates 0.8g
Carbohydrates 2.6g
of which sugars 1.8g
Fibre 1.9g
Protein 52.2g
Salt 4.4g


Nutritional Information for Chilli Bites:

Nutrition per 100g Serving
Energy kJ/Kcal 1230/291
Fat 3.2g
of which saturates 1.4g
Carbohydrates 6.8g
of which sugars 6g
Fibre 2.4g
Protein 58g
Salt 4.5g


Ingredients for Sliced Original:

Premium Topside Beef (100%), malt vinegar (BARLEY), worcester sauce (BARLEY, FISH), sea salt, brown sugar, black pepper, coriander, potassium sorbate & other spices.                        


For allergies, see ingredients in bold.


Ingredients for Chilli Bites:

Premium Topside Beef (100%), malt vinegar (BARLEY), worcester sauce (BARLEY, FISH), sea salt, brown sugar, black pepper, coriander, chilli powder, chilli flakes (0.005%), potassium sorbate & other spices.


For allergies, see ingredients in bold.

Storage & Care


All our air dried beef products can be consumed as a snack throughout the day, or in between meals to keep your protein intake high.  Our products are also conveniently packed in a variety of different sizes from 50g to 500g packs to meet every need.

All our products are suitable for anyone who wants a high protein savoury snack at any time of the day.  Such high levels of protein will help rebuild, repair and maintain muscle mass without any high levels of carbs and fat.


Once opened please discard all packaging and allow the product to breathe for at least 15-20 min for maximum flavour and texture. Store in a cool dry place and eat within 3 days of opening or refrigerate and eat within 7 days.

We NEVER use any artificial colouring or flavouring in our products.

What is it?

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a delicious ready-to-eat, high in protein, air dried 100% beef snack with South African origins.  We make all our products using carefully selected joints of topside beef of the highest quality from our approved suppliers.  All our meats are sourced from within the UK, passing the highest of standards and are all fully traceable.

In our relentless ambition to make the best and healthiest biltong possible we have decided to use the leanest topside beef joints available.  It is more expensive than the traditional silverside beef used but a lot leaner and a lot more tender.  We source the highest quality ingredients available as we firmly believe the difference is in the taste.

During the manufacturing process the beef joints are hand cut to size according to the specific type of biltong being made.  During the marinating process we have carefully sourced our very own secret recipe of natural herbs and spices that are carefully roasted and ground on our premises.

The marinated meat is then slowly air dried for up to 4 days till perfection and then packed in a protected atmosphere.

Delivery Information

All our products come from freshly made batches.  We will dispatch the same or next business day once an order is placed.

FREE Delivery for all UK orders

We will post all domestic (UK) orders via Royal Mail 48 or a courier service of our choice depending on the size or weight of the package.  Both of these services will provide a 48 hour delivery (2 business days).


Next day Delivery

We offer the choice of a next day delivery service on checkout for an additional cost of £4.95 per order.


International Orders

All our International orders we will be posted via Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed For or a courier service of our choice depending on the size or weight of the package.  The average waiting time from date of dispatch for all European Union destinations is typically between 4-7 business days.


We will make every effort to deliver the goods ordered as quickly as possible.  Once an order has been placed we will always be available for any queries or questions.

About Us

The biltong lovers paradise where all your carnivore wishes come true! We have all the popular flavours at amazing prices. Our range includes Biltong Sticks, Sliced Biltong, Chilli Bites, Original Bites, Dry Wors, and Beef Jerky. We take great pride in producing biltong to the best of our ability and each step of production is a careful process from slicing the beef, roasting the spices, slowly marinating and finally air drying to perfection. All our flavours are packed in a variety of sizes and we also sell Variety Packs, including all our popular biltong items.

We only use the best cuts of beef and spices available to make our biltong. All the spices used are bought fresh and dried or roasted accordingly, thereby optimizing freshness and taste.  We do not use any artificial preservatives, nitrates and absolutely no ‘E’ numbers are involved in the process.  All our biltong is freshly made and vacuum packed or gas flushed to seal in freshness from us to you! 

We do not produce large quantities, because we believe in producing smaller top quality batches.

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